Source: pink promise “Take this and let it shatter into shreds of paper, blank paper. See the snow, see the glitter? Let it fade, child. Let it roll into the dust that gathers between the table and tiles. Let the water drain into the floorboards, the carpet. Let it spread like margarine, let it spread […]

Source: koyamori I once believed in a heart with an ejector seat and a parachute tucked into a vein, because jellyfish belong in the sky. I once believed in a heart with airbags and a seat belt across the septum, because hearts don’t like to sleep on the concrete. But the tooth fairy gives nothing […]

atomic spockle and some faith

Source: mahi-mahi Do you believ in the frozen dew in the summer? Do you believe in the cat who howls on your clothesline? Do you believe in the orchid etched on the cornea of your eye? Do you believe in a dust so congested it is invisible? Do you believe in the soap that eats […]

the bomb is afraid, sir

Source: Fagning Your heart is only glitter, gasping out of a plastic tube. It tinkles feebly amongst the snow that drips from darkness with proficiency, excellence developed from whimsy and thoughtless calculations and years. Years of… dying. Then it shatters into mice tails that scatter into their holes at the sigh of a tamed waking. […]

when you know the words are a drug

This a post inspired by MonkeyMoonMachine’s Freshly Pressed post about the writing process. This is a microscopical insight into part of my writing process. 🙂 When music and silence morph into a grey shadow, mingling into nonsensical, nonsensical rhymes. When not quite all the light has poured into the sunset, the night nor dusk, just a […]