You are

Source: aquasixio A post inspired by Dieu on the Grass‘s post with the same premise. You are the rice sieved through jelly, sweetened in a peculiar way You are the wool bleached by sunlight You are the soak of detergent in porcelain and lace You are the sky constantly stripped and re-attired You are the […]

atomic spockle and some faith

Source: mahi-mahi Do you believ in the frozen dew in the summer? Do you believe in the cat who howls on your clothesline? Do you believe in the orchid etched on the cornea of your eye? Do you believe in a dust so congested it is invisible? Do you believe in the soap that eats […]

Surrender your bones

Plummeting. Erased we fall. Surrender your bones Your sickly all. Misshapen core To threaded light Acidic gaze Beaming, scratching Tunnels through your Grotesque, twisted pores Toxicated spores. Mutilated sponge. You find yourself on A cotton crystal shore.     -By Jelly Pom

Down the Slide

Time has washed you  Down the slide, Stolen you Beyond unknown. Snatches of  Things Ma tells me, Crackling Like a Radio. Pictures bleached With age. A four year old’s  Slurred dreams: These wispy Reminders. Once we shared The sunshine. But then I Went away, The beams tucked In my pocket. One, two, three. I won’t […]

Her Hollowness

The birds will land there first, Before she reaches the last rung. So her eyes only find spaces, Where ripe fruits had once hung. She cannot have the finest- The golden chilli tinge. One hesitates to follow, One with blossom-pink skin. So the wind polishes apples, Peeping through moth-size holes. Just as the storm erodes […]

The Pigeon

Black rolling pins Warping away The semblances  Of life. Feathers choke The bitumen. Beasts of metal Strip the eyes  Of the gaze. Pull away Unaware. A puddle of  Crumpled bone. Wrinkled feather. Unregarded. Ironed, pressed, Now a coarse, Sun-hardened shirt Worn by the bitumen. -By Jelly Pom


There is a rawness To what’s hollow And it drags My sweet pleasures. Sometimes pricking Spiccato But always we bathe in A resonating emptiness As fingers pin down Moonlight slivers With deft precision. And the spirit glows With cutting, sombre Incision. yet we may breathe And fold into Illusion of dreams Hiding in the midst […]

dissect the fabrication

Searching for discrepancies In a blanket of holes That lies threadbare on Your wintry world. We dissect the corners of Dead-end lanes and find The invisible truth, Seemingly ignored. The waking is a dream Fabricated by hands Keen to see all and Nothing. And fly beyond the edges of our brittle skulls We twist ribbons […]