15 and going nowhere. and with everywhere to go!
so yeah, call me jelly. yeah it’s not my real name.

I love art but it probably won’t get me anywhere. I’ll write but no one reads. I’ll dance for the invisible people and play my cello for the silence.

But if you’re here and you like or don’t like something, tell me how to improve or what you think. i’d really appreciate it. and don’t forget to keep rocking to angus and julia stone and to tell me a special story that’s yours only.:)


10 thoughts on “About

  1. You write and I will read. 🙂 Believe in your own vision, Jelly. Art is human expression. Express your heart and feelings and you will touch others. If some don’t get, it doesn’t invalidate you. They just haven’t attained your level of perception. Above all, keep creating. Your voice should be heard !….JEFF

  2. Hi Jelly. It’s wonderful how you are so comfortable with your writing…. 15 is indeed so young, little one, but always remember that age is relevant only to longevity, which is how long you have to interpret the beauty you find in this world. That’s where the beauty and magic of poetry lies.

    I think you should change your text above to “15 and everywhere yet to go!” Your age will never hinder your love of poetry….. Thomas Chatterton was only 15 or 16 when he sent his masterful works off to be published, under a ficticious ancient poet though because he felt that his age would hinder his chances of being published. Picasso was painting at 8. Also by the age of 8 Beethoven had learned three instruments and by 12 he published his first symphony. Fame is only relevant too….. Edgar Allen Poe released his first set of poems at 18, became ravishingly famous amongst his contemporaries, yet died a pauper. Emily Dickinson wrote over 1800 poems during her short 55 year lifetime, yet none of them were published (in original form) while she was alive. She became famous posthumously. Myself? As a little leaguer who wanted to desperately to hit a home run, my coach advised me “If you want to hit a home run then you gotta NOT try to hit a home run… Concentrate on just hitting the ball, and it will go where it goes.” I don’t think any sentiment could be truer about doing the things that we love to do. Excellent writing, Jelly, and always the best wishes to you.

    • Thank-you for taking the time to write an inspirational comment! I’ll go change it right now because your variation on it sounds much better. Did it work for you? Did you get a home run?

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