Down the Slide

Time has washed you 

Down the slide,

Stolen you

Beyond unknown.

Snatches of 

Things Ma tells me,


Like a


Pictures bleached

With age.

A four year old’s 

Slurred dreams:

These wispy


Once we shared

The sunshine.

But then I

Went away,

The beams tucked

In my pocket.

One, two, three.

I won’t let

You catch me.

You weren’t like us.

Who said you

Could play

With the


Girls kicking

The gate?

You stood at the sandpit’s edge.

Cherry t-shirt-

The only one

I can recall.



Cloud cotton eyes 

Peering at me.

Your silent invitation.

Always quiet you were,

Like your smile

I’ve forgotten, 

And eyes etched

More tenderly 

Than mine.

Once we shared

The sunshine.

But then I

Went away,

To laugh with girls fighting

Over who liked pink.

Why won’t they 

Love the 

Rainbow together?

Perhaps I’ve

Passed you on

The street.

And time has

Painted a new

Skin for you.

I’d ask to take your hand,

Sieve a sorry 

Through your



We’ll sip sunlight,

Pink cordial.

But you’re stolen

Beyond unknown,


Who said

I could slide


With Marie?

       -By Jelly Pom, in remembrance and honour of something long ago

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